Cats and Small Animals


Your Pet Photography Session

Pets, no matter what their size - are family and as such demand our love and attention and boy do they return it with fun moments, comical situations and of course cuddles!

Capturing their personality

Some pets lives are short and fleeting so wouldn’t it be wonderful to capture memories of them when you can? Funky fun images of your favourite pets getting into mischief or a lovely regal pose showing off their best side.

Tailoring your session

As a specialist pet photographer, we have had experience with many types of animals including rodents, reptiles and birds together with one of the most superior of animals, the feline of species, the family cat along with the fluffy bunny.

A fabulous experience

It is important to us, the whole experience is designed to ensure you and your pets feel relaxed, special and enjoy yourselves and that you will be able to look back on the experience with a smile on your face for years to come.

Your Final Artwork

These can be displayed artistically on canvas or in a frame or simply presented in a desktop folio.

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